ADR Trained Drivers from Southwick, West Sussex.

Delivering Excellence since 2012

For reliable transportation of hazardous materials, look no further than A2B Express Logistics in Southwick, West Sussex. Our experienced drivers are trained to transprotd your goods safely.

ADR/Hazardous Goods

ADR is the United Nations treaty governing the trans-national transport of hazardous materials.

We have a core of experienced ADR trained drivers to ensure your goods are transported safely – avoiding any risk to products, people or the environment.

All of our vehicles used for this category are fully equipped and marked for all ADR classes (except explosives, Class 1 and radioactive Class 7 goods). 

If you are unsure whether your goods need to be transported under ADR regulations, please call us with your details.

As an ADR carrier we can carry…
Class 2 (Gases)
Class 3 (Flammable Liquids)
Class 4 (Flammable Solids)
Class 5 (Oxidising Agents & Organic Peroxides)
Class 6 (Toxics)
Class 8 (Corrosives)
Class 9 (Miscellaneous)

A2B Express Logistics are fully licensed to transport dangerous goods as defined by the ADR regulations.
We have a range of vehicles that are fitted with the necessary safety equipment and our ADR qualified drivers have the expertise to ensure that your goods are transported safely & efficiently.

Contact us to discuss our transportation of hazourdous materials with a member of our fully trained team today.

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